Monday, June 23, 2014

Prayer of the Day


Nothing much seems to be going right in our world. We are confronted by anger and war at every turn. Even Your truth is cause for derision and malice.

We beg of You, Send Your Holy Ghost into every heart on earth, all seven billion plus of us. Destroy our inventions: for they are evil. Cast down our imaginations: for they are wicked. Break our hearts because of our rebellion and lack of prayer.

And lift up every broken heart to Yourself: that we might be healed; that we might find the path of unity and peace in Christ; that we might not learn war anymore; that our only concern in life would be growing in love and obedience toward you and with our fellow man.

Blessed are You, O LORD, teach us Your commandments.
Blessed are You, O LORD, teach us Your statutes.
Blessed are You, O LORD, show us how to love You.
Blessed are You, O LORD, help us love our neighbors.
Blessed are You, O LORD, bring the healing of the nations.

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